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Shandong County of Yuncheng province is China Glass Co., Ltd. is one of the Shandong glass factory. The production of Glass bottles, glass bottles, glass bottles of high white material, white material glass bottles, spray and frosted glass bottle, ceramic bottle, color glass bottles and all kinds of high middle and low roast flowers, bottle cap. Is a high starting point, high positioning for the purpose of creating a medium-sized joint-stock enterprises, advanced production equipment, strong technical force, perfect management system, product quality and reliable, was named the national excellent packaging enterprise, the integrity of business enterprises, Heze City, the most development potential of the private enterprise.
The existing advanced glass bottle production line of our company 11, specializing in the production of high white, Pu white material bottle, glass bottle, white wine bottles, bottles, glass bottles, glass bottles, cream bottles of wine and a variety of caps and other more than 3000 varieties, the production capacity of 40-45 million, and according to customer requirements design and production glass of various specifications, the company has strong technical force, has a group of high-quality production technology, product quality and efficient operation to win the broad masses of customers and to expand market and lay a good foundation.
In accordance with advanced equipment, sound management, strong strength and sincere management, the company promises to provide perfect service to our customers in order to achieve excellence.
The group is located at 220 State Road, the hometown of Song Jiang, east of Liangshan, west of Caozhou peony garden, Renjiedeling, heroes of Yuncheng, Beijing Kowloon railway runs through the north and the south, East high-speed across the East and West, southwest is the tourist destination, the geographical position is superior, convenient transportation and beautiful environment, we sincerely welcome all the customers and friends from all walks of life to visit.


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Add: Industrial Park of Yun cheng shan dong

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