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The chemical stability of glass bottles determines the wide range of uses.

The chemical stability of Glass bottles determines the wide range of uses.In our daily life, glass bottles can be seen everywhere. Because of its transparent aesthetic feeling, good chemical stability, pollution-free content, can be heated at high temperature, recyclable old bottles and other advantages, has been considered the best packaging material. Nevertheless, in order to compete with metal cans, plastic bottles and other packaging materials, glass wine bottles are constantly improving their production technology, so that product quality, better appearance, lower cost. Glass wine bottles are divided into high white, crystal white, plain white as well as milk white bottles and color bottles, what kind of wine to choose what kind of bottles, such as Maotai many use milk white bottles, liquor bottles with transparent glass. Beer is made with colored bottles. Glass bottle quality standard. The quality of the product can be analyzed and judged from the product quality standard of the factory. Quality assurance system. Audit of suppliers has become an essential part of purchasing glass bottles. Through auditing, the comprehensive level of software and hardware facilities, technical equipment and quality can be evaluated comprehensively and correctly.


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